“Hard work and results should be recognized by others, but when they aren’t, advocating for oneself becomes necessary. As discussed earlier, this must be done with great care. But it must be done.”

Sheryl SandbergLean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead

Cary was friendly, efficient and thorough, and her prices were reasonable! I was worried that she would be horrified by the state of my house, and that she wouldn’t do a thorough job (I have had some bad experiences with cleaners). My favorite part is having a clean kitchen. I never have the energy to do it properly myself. I hate cooking, but I like it much more in a clean kitchen, and I love coming into a clean kitchen first thing in the morning!


– Sarah Jaysmith, Mama and Musician

Cary was reliable, prompt and did a great job. We hired her to clean up after a major home renovation. After nine months of construction work, I was worried that all the drywall dust wouldn’t come out and we’d be breathing it in for weeks to come. Instead, our home went from a construction site to liveable, turn-key ready! 


– Sunshine Gudlaugson, WOHM of Two

I was mostly nervous and embarrassed about how messy our house was. But she showed up and just figured out stuff to do. She was very thorough and made me feel comfortable, and not judged for my absolute mess of a house. I just felt like she was here to help. And it felt great after seeing everything so cleanI felt like twice as much was able to be accomplished. I could play with my three-year-old, and things were still getting done.


-Carly McClean, Mama of four, and a all round awesome gal