Congratulations on your new baby! Now, relax and let me take care of the house cleaning for you.

I get how tiring it is when you’ve got a new-born in the house. You’re overwhelmed with love and, let’s face it, lack of sleep.


Wouldn’t it be great if you could forget the chores and just enjoy this special time?


Van City Green Cleaning is a house cleaning service designed just for you. Using non-toxic products – safer for both baby and the environment – I can help you by:


  • Clearing away the toys you keep tripping over
  • Scrubbing that stubborn puke stain from the carpet
  • Keeping the kitchen and bathrooms looking tip top
  • I’ll even bring coffee while you put your feet up


As the owner of Green Cleaning, I take personal pride in the quality of my work. In fact, you could call me a bit of a clean freak (Want to know why the baseboard in my local cafe’s bathroom is so clean? It’s cause I can’t stop myself wiping it down every damn time I visit!).

So if you want your home to sparkle like a jewel in the neighbourhood, I’m the one to call.

Oh, and don’t worry about the disruption to your day. I work quickly and quietly. Your baby needs to rest and so do you.

Call me today if you want to

  • Catch up on some sleep
  • Enjoy your baby’s company instead of scrubbing the toilet bowl.
  • Live in clean and tidy surroundings
  • Use a cleaner who cares about the health of your baby and uses gentle, non-toxic products


Vancouver Green Cleaning is the service that helps new parents enjoy a cleaner, greener household. And did I mention getting some sleep?


I get booked up fast so email, or make an instant booking on my calendar  and grab your regularly scheduled service, or a one off deep clean. 


PS check out my blog, and Facebook page for self care inspiration (because the baby isn’t the only one that needs to be cared for), mental health and body positive advocacy, plus stuff to look at when you feel like a shitty parent.

Copy written by Zoe Bramley