Regularly Scheduled Cleaning

My regular cleaning service is designed to keep your home looking spick and span year round. I’ll arrive on time, work like crazy (but really quietly because of napping), while you take care of yourself and the baby.




  • All work tops, back splashes and cabinets washed.
  • Sinks and faucets cleaned.
  • Exterior of major appliances and counter appliances washed.
  • Interior microwave wiped clean.
  • Tables and chairs wiped clean.
  • Baseboards, heaters and window sills dusted/wiped clean.
  • Trash emptied, liners replaced, and can sanitized.
  • Floor vacuumed and washed.



  • Cabinets, counter tops, and shelves cleaned.
  • Mirrors polished.
  • Sinks, baths, showers and toilets cleaned.
  • Fixtures dusted/wiped cleaned
  • Towels folded and hung
  • Baseboards, heaters and window sills dusted/wiped clean
  • Garbage emptied, liners replaced, and trash can cleaned.
  • Floor washed.



  • Bed made, and/or changed.
  • All surfaces, shelves, furniture, baseboards, window sills and light fixtures dusted.
  • Artwork, photo frames, decors, electronics dusted.
  • Mirrors and glass doors polished.
  • Cushions fluffed and arranged.
  • Magazines, books and toys tidied away.
  • Cobwebs removed.
  • Upholstered furniture vacuumed.
  • Floors vacuumed and/or washed.
  • Garbage emptied, liners replaced, and garbage can cleaned.



  • Laundry including cloth diapers.
  • Cleaning the inside of the fridge, and oven.
  • Groceries put away.
  • Let me know what else you need!